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 Why there’s nothing else quite like Mama’s Bourbon Vanilla Extract

When sourcing our ingredients for Mama’s Nuts! we wanted to make sure we had the highest quality possible.  There’s a lot of great vanilla extracts out there to be sure, but there’s no better way to get the exact flavor profile and consistency you need to make the perfect snack than by doing it yourself.  That’s why we make our own vanilla extract in-house using the “mash” method.  The “mash” method utilizes the entire bean by fine blending it together with the bourbon, insuring maximum contact and flavor being pulled from the extracting liquid -in this case, aged small batch Kentucky Bourbon.

This batch is made from Grade A Madagascar and Tahitian Vanilla Beans from Rare Tea Cellar and 7 year aged Bourbon.


About the Author

Mama’s Nuts! was started in honor of the traditional handmade treats that we grew up with and that have been passed down to us from family and friends.

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